About us

Tarpaulins India Tarp (P) Ltd was first established as a family business 40 years ago and over the years has grown to be one of the largest tarpaulin manufacturers in Delhi, India.

Since 1977, Tarpaulins India Tarp (P) Ltd, Inc. has been manufacturing polythene sheets, reinforced laminated tarpaulins and commercial fabrics designed for a wide range of applications. Available in a range of weights, thickness' and special composites, as your plastic film manufacturer, Tarpaulins India Tarp (P) Ltd will provide you with the very best technology and quality to protect and prolong the service life of your investments.

During our 40 years of rich experience, our personnel have gained a thorough knowledge of traditional workmanship and latest technical advancement. We guarantee customers with a perfect solution of their requirement at a cost effective price and premium product quality.

Our industrial Fabrics are made from Canvas, PVC, Polyethylene, or other specialized Textiles which are waterproof, chemical resistant, fire retardant, radiant heat protective and UV stable.

Our commercial textiles provide a heavy duty and cost effective custom solution to cover and protect your plant, equipment, vehicles, workspace, product and body from the sun, wind, rain, dust and fire.

Our Specialized products are Water proof Tarpaulins, Polythene sheets, Fumigation covers, HDPE Liners and HDPE fabrics.

“Four decades of commitment to Excellence”

Protection Is Priority